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Exciting news for Jonathan and Philippa who have produced a research paper which has been accepted for presentation at the prestigious European Chiropractor’s Union (ECU) Convention in Dublin later on this year!

The ECU was formed in London in 1932 and so far over 22 National Chiropractor’s Associations are members. This is an opportunity to present our research at a major event and to an international body of chiropractors from as far away as Finland and Turkey.

The paper is titled “Comparative service evaluation of patients presenting for chiropractic/osteopathic care privately with those referred for care via the NHS: Back2Health partnership”

In this study, Jonathan and Philippa sought to identify if there were differences between these two patient groups (private and NHS patients) in terms of their pain, their thoughts and feelings about their pain, and how well they did following treatment with us at Back2Health.

Of the 2,882 patients who took part, they found that both groups saw a significant reduction in their pain, and the impact this pain has on their day-to-day life was also lessened.

What was truly astounding was that out of the 2882 patients we looked at, 95.4% saw a far better response to care than they ever thought they could, and 99.7% of all of these patients were happy with the care they had received from us!

It is considered good practice to assess how well our patients respond to treatment and publish the results, as this enables us to identify areas where the service and care we provide can be modified or improved.  Results like these are therefore highly reassuring- we will continue to monitor how well we are doing to ensure the level of service and quality of care we provide remains at the standard you have come to expect from us.