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Our Services & Fees

Our Prices

First Initial Consultation & Treatment                                                £75

*Due to changes in Bupa’s policies we are no longer registered with Bupa and can no longer accept their insurance*

Payment will need to be made with confirmation of the booking. This can be done via telephone or you can come into the practice.

Pre-Existing Clients who have not been treated within 2 years         £55

Treatment                                                                                       £45

Late Cancellation ( Less than 24 hours notice) or Unattended Fee   £45


One Ear                                                                                          £45

Both Ears                                                                                        £70

Hearing Assessment                                                                       £25


Asessment & Pedicure                                                                    £45

Pedicure                                                                                         £35

Pedicure & Treatment                                                                     £40

Ingrown Toenail & Pedicure                                                             £60




Full Body Massage 60 Minutes                                                        £45

Half Body Massage 30 Minutes                                                       £25

Hot Stones Massage 60 Minutes                                                    £48

Lava Shells Massage 60 Minutes                                                    £48

Thai Compress Massage 60 Minutes                                              £48


What happens during the consultation?


When you have booked in for your initial consultation with us or you are a existing patient with over a 2 year gap between visits, you will receive an online assessment form. This will be sent via email and some times it does go into your junk so please keep an eye out. This assessment form will give us an insight into your needs and requirements prior your consultation, this allows us to give you a consultation tailored to your needs. 

During your consultation you will have a conversation with your chiropractor regarding your needs and requirements. This will lead to you recieving treatment this can consist of Chiropractic, Chiropody, Acupuncture & Massage. You will sldo

You can be reffered to X-rays and scans if required. 


The clinician will then have a look in your ears using an otoscope, which is a magnification tool with a light on it. This allows us to ensure the wax in your ears is soft enough to be removed using microsuction. If the wax is soft, the clinician will gently insert the suction tube and probe into your ear to remove the wax.

If the wax is too hard to remove, we will advise you to use wax softening drops such as olive oil or sodium bicarbonate before booking you in for a second appointment to remove the wax.