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Neuro Development Therapy

Unlocking potential with neurodevelopmental therapy
“It is our sincere hope that as a result of completion of neurodevelopmental therapy, many children and adults
who have previously been unresponsive to educational and medical remediation will now have the opportunity
to emerge from the shadows in which they have been surviving”
P. Blythe & D McGlown (1979)

What is Neurodevelopmental Therapy?

Neurodevelopmental therapy is a holistic approach focused on enhancing movement, coordination, and overall body function through a healthy development and inhibition process of the primitive reflexes. Whether you or your loved one is facing developmental challenges, neurological conditions, or simply seeking support for improved motor skills, my tailored sessions can make a significant difference.

Primitive reflexes and the level of their integration determine our quality of life. Therefore, when one or more reflexes fail to mature or integrate , neurological conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD or Cerebral Palsy may exist.

Who are we?
I am Ana Baciu, a dedicated neurodevelopmental therapist with a passion for unlocking the potential within each individual.

I have a BA(Hons) in Social Work (2007), a Master in Delinquency and Social Intervention (2009) and a Post Qualifying Diploma/ Bournemouth University (2010). In addition, I have completed training in counselling, neuro-linguistic programming ( NLP), and life coaching to learn about the fundamentals of interaction and communication and to broaden my skills in working with families in crisis, childhood trauma, mental disorders and those entrenched in life difficulties and conflict.

I am a fully qualified and insured neuro-developmental therapist as well as a Johansen sound therapy provider. I work at Access Potential Clinic in Windsor ( I also have a private practice at Back Active Clinic in Portsmouth ( in person sessions) and offer virtual sessions to clients in Romania, Moldova and Turkey ( English speakers) using Facetime or What’s app.

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